2024, Haus 5: Langgrütweg, Zurich

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Living in the trees. Apartment building, Zurich 2020–2022

House 5 on Langgrütweg is the most recent of five houses we're building for GEWOBAG. It is characterised by densification in favour of open space. The three-unit complex allows for optimal orientation of the flats and a strong relationship to the open space.

Situation v5
Erdgeschoss v5
Ground floor plan
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Upper floor
Schnitt B

The cubic staggering of the building gives it a slender shape and a filigree appearance. The compact footprint allows the preservation of a huge oak tree and at the same time leads to the spatial strengthening of the lush green corridor. Large, projecting balconies enrich the house sculpturally and a brick shell establishes the relationship to the house on Langgrütstrasse.

Ansicht West
Ansicht Ost
Gewobag Haus 4 5 Stor PG 190424 IMGP1317 ez 4000

Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Florian Hoch, Eveline Blunschi, Annick Zucchetti, Nico Brunschweiler, Demian Haller, Sandro Lenherr, Adrian Dominguez, Attila Jung

21 Langgrütweg, 8047 Zurich

Direct commission, planning and execution 2017–2024

GEWOBAG, Langgrütstrasse 140, 8047 Zurich-Albisrieden

Spatial programme
24 apartments