2025, Lüdin Area, Liestal, 1st Prize

LudinAreal Modell P1180914
Ortho Ludin

Lüdin-Area residential development, Liestal, 2020-2025

The rich history of the commercial area forms the starting point for the design. The anonymous arbitrariness that is spreading in the suburban areas is countered by an architectural concept that takes into account the special characteristics of the site.

New and yet familiar, the architecture becomes part of the evolved urban structure. Each of the three new houses is given its own architectural character, which is developed from the urban position of the buildings and the respective housing typology.

Visus Aussen

The ensemble of existing suburban houses, which is of great importance for the identity of the place, is integrated into the urban concept.

A double-storey studio building follows the lane, dipping under its gently sloping roof and exposing the view of the shop façade of the neighbouring property.

A carefully structured building rises up in the centre of the site, its striking architectural language reminiscent of the site's industrial past.

1 200 Querschnitt Hof
1 500 Situation v2

The western edge of the site is enclosed by a staggered volume that protects the courtyard from traffic noise. The urban feel of the house relates to its position on the street and to the public ground floor. As is often the case, the location on a busy street requires a special floor plan solution.

In this case, the trick is to be found in the section. A height offset in the area of the arcade solves the visibility problem of the central flat and allows the volume to respond to the sloping terrain along the street.

1 100 Haus Links v2
House on Bahnhofstrasse, section of standard floor (access via the arcade)
1 100 Haus Mitte v2
House centre, section of standard floor plan
Visus Innen v2
1 100 Haus Atelier
Studio house Schützenstrasse, apartment floor plans
1 200 1OG
Lüdin-Area, 1st floor plan
1 200 Ansicht Orisbach
Schema Vernetzung

Bahnhofstrasse, Schützenstrasse, Rheinstrasse, Liestal

Commission type
Competition 2020 1st prize, planning and execution 2021-2025

SIAT Immobilien AG on behalf of First Site Invest AG

Spatial programme
135 apartments and commercial space

Jakob Steib, Matthias Kyburz, Michael Geschwentner, Patrick Gmür

Project team planning and realisation 
Domenico Desumma

Project team competition 
Nicolo Suzani, Emil Schaad, Caroline Schartz, Corinne Huwyler, Lara Steger

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