2013, Saurer area, Steinach, 1st prize

Orthophoto Steinach 2

Slender and graceful, Steinach, Switzerland (since 2013)

Steinach is an idyllic village in a rural area just next to Lake Constance. Why should a high-rise building be erected right here? Let us look over the cantonal border to the district of Arbon. Today, a dense mixed-use urban area emerges where once trucks of the Saurer company were built. The high-rise building forms the end of the area and marks the transition to the Steinach settlement area.

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High buildings create a lot of free space. Their footprint is small – compared to common settlement structures. This is what we wanted: Instead of burdening a lot of ground with low and flat buildings, a generous green space is created, which merges with the natural landscape of the bay. With a semi-public ground floor, the high-rise building contributes to the revitalisation of the open space. But that is not all: the roof, the place with the most beautiful view, belongs to everyone! A multi-purpose room with kitchen and a roof terrace can be rented and is available to the public.

STE Modellfoto 2
160219 STE Fassade Def
High-rise, Saurer area, Steinach, Switzerland. Façade.
12 Fassaden Hochhaus
High-rise, Saurer area, Steinach, Switzerland. Façades.
STE Schnitt bearbeitet
High-rise, Saurer area, Steinach, Switzerland. Section.

The floor plans benefit from the flexibility of the skeleton construction. They change their spatial organisation depending on their location and orientation. The result is a diverse mix of apartments that appeals to a broad range of tenants and makes high-rise living accessible to everyone.


STE Grundrisse gruppiert ps v2
High-rise, Saurer area, Steinach, Switzerland. Upper floor plans: 1st-3d floor and 4th-18th floor with variants.
9 Rorschacherstrasse

The façade of the high-rise building must fullfill lots of technical requirements and blend in well with its surroundings. Close-up and long-distance effect of the architectural design play a crucial role. Of course, the tonality of the materialization must visually blend into the landscape. The architectural language radiates an optical calm, appears unagitated and, in the best possible sense, suitable for daily use.

12 Hohenweg
5 seeansichten

Hauptstrasse/ Bahnhofstrasse, 9323 Steinach, Switzerland

Study contract, 1st prize

Planning, implementation
still pending

HRS Real Estate plc, Frauenfeld

Room program
Approx. 80 apartments, commercial premises and offices

Michael Geschwentner

Competition team
Gabriel Gmür, Samuel Tobler, Roman Birrer