2019, high-rise, Bremen, Germany, 3d prize

Competition high-rise building area, German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehrhochhausareal), Bremen, Germany, 2019. Canopy.
Competition for the high-rise building area of the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehrhochhaus-Areal), Bremen, Germany, 2019. The canopy provides the buildings with a clear and easy-to-find address in the urban and structural context.
Volume studies.
Studies on volume variants.
Three-part division, distinctive feature.
The former high-rise building of the German Armed Forces will be given a pedestal design over the first three storeys, a façade segmentation in the central section and a semi-transparent sheet metal ring as a roof finish. This three-part division will provide it with a clear distinctive feature.
Site plan.
The design offers new possibilities for urban circulation, takes up the grown block edge structure of the surroundings and creates quiet inner worlds without losing touch with the city.
Zoning for use.
The renovation of the high-rise building does not allow for private outdoor spaces, but these are offered in the form of greenhouses on the roofs of the new buildings. Not only does this promote the neighbourhood idea, it also offers a new solution for better outdoor spaces in the city.
Floor plans, 1st to 3rd floor. Apartment floor plans, flexibility.
Floor plans, 1st to 3rd floor. The apartment floor plans in the new buildings are characterised by their flexible adaptability for different forms of living.
The ensemble as an urban ecosystem
The ensemble as an urban ecosystem consists of greenhouses, neighbourhood rooms, a town square, a community terrace with solar pergola and a generous urban infrastructure zone for contemporary mobility.
Existing central corridor circulation system, small apartment type.
The existing central corridor circulation system in the former army high-rise building will be significantly more efficient and will benefit the small apartment type layout. A special feeling of living in the high-rise building is achieved by the exposed façade and the resulting window niches that can be furnished and lived in.
Apartment floor plan, new building. Residential snorkel.
Apartment floor plan in the new building. The innovation of the "residential snorkel" allows this two meter wide room to be furnished as a kitchen, work niche or living room. The pergola serves as an extended living and outdoor space.
Section through the  new building.
The section through the new building volume shows how the use of solar activation and shady pergola on the roof surfaces can be combined.
section A-A
The smart balancing of levels in the ground floor design emphasizes the dichotomy of the urban outside world and the quiet inside world.