2021/2018/2005, Neumatte Suhr, 1. Preis

Ausgangslage WB 2005 25
Urban design plan for Neumatte Suhr (Gestaltungsplan), 2005. Competition. – Initial situation.
Grundriss EG WB 2005 v2
Urban design plan for Neumatte Suhr, 2005. Competition. – Ground floor plan.

A residential development like Suhr: rural and urban

Although the location is anything but urban, this is not a drawback, but an opportunity. Adjacent to a small-scale neighbourhood of single-family homes, a mighty industrial building now dominates the inaccessible site. In keeping with Suhr, the aim is to create a rural/urban atmosphere. The urban planning idea therefore relies on a system of finely graduated open spaces. This creates identities that relate to the history of the area!


Where living close to nature is actually lived

What exactly is a rural/urban atmosphere? The urbanity of a place is expressed, among other things, in the exchange of people. To achieve this, we have created a variety of open spaces and meeting places. In addition, people live on the ground floor. Access is mainly via arcades. In this way, the residents of the apartment buildings participate in public life.


Urban design plan for Suhr (Gestaltungsplan Suhr), Switzerland, 2005. Competition. – Model.
Vorprojekt Situation
Neumatte Suhr, Vorprojekt 2021 – Situation

Residential development Neumatte, Suhr

Neumattweg Ost, Suhr

Commission type
Competition 2005 1st prize, Revision 2018, Preliminary project 2021

Steiner AG

Spatial programme
145 apartments and 1 communal room,
Age-appropriate living

Jakob Steib, Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner, Matthias Kyburz

Project team preliminary project
Nicolo Suzani, Aleksandra Curcin, Segun Ogunsola