Someday, we will be lucky, too.

Someday we will be lucky too.
Someday we will be lucky too.
(Irgendwann kommt das Glück.)

Competitions, our broken dreams – and why we still believe

Of course, there's nothing better than winning an architectural competition. In moments like these, the whole team is happy. Winning a competition confirms your own ideas, but there is also a contract in store and the future of the office is secured in the medium term.

However, a lost competition is almost more important. Dreams are bursting. A still young love is ended unilaterally with the decision of the jury.


The disappointment is both an incentive and an invitation to reflect self-critically on the proposed urban design, the sophisticated floor plans, the spatial richness of the sections, the interesting further development of the typology or the unconventional solution in terms of sustainability, in order to give everything back at the next competition and make it even better. It's the only way we learn.

The searching and research continues. Innovations continue to flow into residential construction. The magic moments are emerging again. And perhaps the competition won will soon be a sweet reality.