1999, Hinterbergstrasse, Zurich

Hinterberg Innen 9
Ortho Hinterbergstrasse2 v2

A special apartment on Hinterbergstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland.
Enfilade. Uninterrupted inner circulation.

A large roof terrace with lake view – however, on the plan, a conventional apartment layout. In 1998, Regula Lüscher and I bought this property off-plan. We reflected and implemented our own ideas in the apartment floor plan (layout) and in the interior design: The result is an apartment with a sequence of different chambers. All rooms are connected by large elm wood veneered sliding doors.

Hinterberg Innen 1
Hinterberg Innen 3
Hinterberg Innen 4
Hinterberg Innen 6
Hinterberg Innen 8B
Hinterberg Innen 5
Hinterberg Innen 11
Hinterberg Innen 14

A colourfully painted enfilade illuminated by skylights lines up the wardrobe, bathroom and storeroom. Sliding doors connect the serving rooms with the adjoining rooms. Even the kitchen serves as an access corridor. This creates a wide variety of circulation options. A continuous wooden bookshelf supports the overriding architectural idea of connecting all rooms. By closing more or less doors in this enfilade, the apartment can be transformed from a one-room loft into a five-room flat in no time at all.

Hinterbergstrasse 3OG
Hinterbergstrasse 2, Zurich. Attic level (3d floor): apartment floor plan.
Hinterberg Aussen 2
Hinterberg Aussen

2 Hinterbergstrasse, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland

Planning and execution

Attic level: apartment floor plan/interior design
Patrick Gmür, Regula Lüscher