2000, Kurfirstenstrasse, Zurich

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Apartment building Kurfirstenstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland (1999–2000)

The apartment building with seven condominiums stands on a moraine hill above the left bank of the lake in Zurich. The conditions of the property, the optimal orientation of the apartments and the conditions of the assignment – individuality and privacy – resulted in a finely graded cube with restrained materialisation.



01 Kurfurst 26 1 b
03 Kurfurst Zurich Schnitt 100
Kurfirstenstrasse. Section.
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Bild 7
Living area 1
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Living area 2
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Living area 3

The main feature of the building is the alternation of the living rooms and bedrooms – floor by floor. Thus, there will always be one bedroom above a living room. This principle allows a generous room height of three meters.

The changing position of the living rooms, floor by floor, and the slightly varying apartment layouts provide the themes for the shaping of the volume of the building and the sculptural design of the façade. The thick coat worn by the Prince Elector (Kurfürst) illustrates the principle of stacking and merging and of individuality and privacy.

05 Bild 3
06 Grundrisse
Kurfirstenstrasse. First and second floor plans.
Bild 4
Interior design: Monika Stöckli and Jörg Gimmi
Bild 5
Interior design: Monika Stöckli and Jörg Gimmi
Bild 6 v2
Interior design: Monika Stöckli and Jörg Gimmi


18 Kurfirstenstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland



Apartment owners


Spatial programme

7 apartments (condominiums)

Jakob Steib architects plc., Zurich

Project team
Sandy Brunner, Simon Thurnherr


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