2008, Büelen, Wädenswil, 1st prize

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Büelen residential development, Wädenswil, Switzerland, 2006–2008

Multi-family houses – with idyllic gable roofs – but also a factory building characterize the surroundings of this residential complex. We are responding to this context with a new type of house – a hybrid between a single-family house and an apartment bloc. Despite its low building height, the flat structure allows maximum utilisation of the site.


Uberbauung Buelen dunner v2
Büelen residential development, Wädenswil, Switzerland, 2006–2008. Situation.
Uberbauung Buelen Wohnungsgrundrisse v2
Büelen residential development, Wädenswil 2006–2008. Apartment floor plans.
Uberbauung Buelen Schnitt v2
Büelen residential development, Wädenswil 2006–2008. Section.

The arrangement of the parking spaces preserves the exterior arrangement that characterizes the area. Each apartment also has an exterior space facing away from the street. Spacious, differently furnished living rooms and well-proportioned individual rooms guarantee a high living quality. The floor plan organisation enables both current and future forms of living.


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Büelenstrasse 4, 8–10, Dahlienstrasse 2, Weststrasse 9, 8820 Wädenswil, Switzerland

Project competition by invitation 2005, building application 2006, execution 2006–2008

Builder/ client
Mieter-Baugenossenschaft Wädenswil – Tenant building cooperative 

Spatial program

Architecture & project team
Patrick Gmür, Jakob Steib, Maya Gunz