2011, Im Forster, Zurich

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Forster Ortho

Three basically identical three-storey houses clearly articulate the upwardly sloping western edge of the largest and still mostly undeveloped plot of land on the Zürichberg. The broad meadow surrounding a country house from the late 1930s (architects: Henauer & Witschi) has been turned into an architectural theme: visually the meadow continues, only dotted by a few plastically modelled supporting pillars, under "outriggers" of the houses. This vertical uplift from the ground is answered in the horizontal by the interweaving of structures and spaces.

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Grundriss Erdgeschoss
Grundriss Erdgeschoss
Grundriss 1Obergeschoss
Grundriss 1. Obergeschoss
Grundriss 2Obergeschoss
Grundriss 2. Obergeschoss
Grundriss Attika v2
Grundriss Attikageschoss
Schnitt3 v3
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Mittelbergsteig 4–10, 8044 Zurich, Switzerland

Study contract 2004

Planning and implementation 2009–2011

represented by Immopoly Zürich

Room program
27 apartments and 3 studios

Jakob Steib

Project team
Maya Gunz, Silvia Burgermeister