2011, Rütihof, Uerikon

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Housing estate Rütihof, Uerikon, Switzerland, 2010–2011

The Rütihof residential development is situated in a superb panoramic location on the right bank of Lake Zurich next to an existing agricultural estate. It consists of three houses with 12 rental apartments. On two floors, two apartments each are developed at an angle from a common entrance area – different for each house.

Each apartment benefits from the unique view. The buildings, which are flatly worked into the terrain, their overhanging horizontal roofs and materialization are reminiscent of the prairie houses of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Housing estate Rütihof, Uerikon, Switzerland, 2010–2011. Upper floor plan.
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Housing estate Rütihof, Uerikon, Switzerland, 2010–2011. Ground floor plan.
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Rütihofstrasse 29, 8713 Uerikon, Switzerland

Mr Dr. Dieter Wartenweiler

Spatial program
12 rental apartments in 3 houses

Jakob Steib architects plc, Zurich, Switzerland

Jakob Steib, Roberto Outumuro (project management)