2013, Scheffelstrasse, Zurich, 1st prize

Scheffel 01
Scheffel Ortho v3

The urban site is located in the immediate vicinity of Bucheggplatz square in the heart of Wipkingen district, Zurich. The main traffic axis to the north has a considerable impact on the site with its noise emissions. The narrow and long construction site engenders a complex building law situation.

The type of building, which is developed in a perpendicular direction to the slope, reacts to these conditions with skillful protrusions and recesses. Towards the street, the building appears as a self-contained entity, towards the garden as a disintegrated construction which, with its many small room alcoves, takes up the scale of the adjacent settlement pattern.

A building structure with slightly offset floors is the direct response to a sloping topography. A sloped roof rejoins them to form an overall shape and creates space for overheight rooms in the attic and on the floor below. All apartments are designed in the sense of a space continuum, which can be converted into a "loft-like" apartment by removing the walls. The balconies and terraces are soundproofed and face west into the open spaces of the neighbourhood.

Scheffel 02
Scheffel 55
Scheffel 03
Scheffel 53
Section (towards street)
Scheffel 54
Section (towards courtyard)
Scheffel 04
Scheffel 14
Scheffel 15
Scheffel 45
Floor plan of car parking hall
Scheffel 46
Floor plan of garden level
Scheffel 47
Ground floor plan
Scheffel 48
First floor plan
Scheffel 49
Second floor plan
Scheffel 50
Floor plan attic level
Scheffel 51
Roof floor plan
Scheffel 16
Scheffel 17
Scheffel 18

Scheffelstrasse 39, 41, 43
8037 Zurich, Switzerland

Project competition on invitation 2010, 1. Preis
Implementation 2011-2013

BSZ Real Estate

Room program
20 apartments in condominium ownership, 2 studios

Jakob Steib

Project team
Architecture: Silvia Burgermeister, Sarah Züger
Construction management: ffbk architects, Magnus Furrer, Markus Oswald, Hanspeter Wyss