2016, Obmatt, Adligenswil

Obmatt Innen 2
Obmatt Ortho

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest (house) of them all? Obmatt double single-family house, Adligenswil, Switzerland, 2010–2016

Planning and building for yourself is a tremendous privilege. Together with Annette Helle, I had the opportunity to design a semi-detached house in the immediate vicinity of my parents' house. A common entrance with a cascade staircase crossing the whole house, equipped with skylights, forms the backbone of the building and leads into the two family apartments.

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Working on the sections forms the basis for a spatial richness. A two-storey room connects the entrance and sleeping floors with the living floor arranged around a residential hall. At the same time, this „living hall“ can be used as a spacious studio – via fold-out wall elements.

Obmatt Eingang 2
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Obmatt Eingang
Obmatt double single-family house, Adligenswil. Sections.
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Obmatt Patio
Obmatt Innen Spiegel

The bathrooms are made of high-quality materials and supplied with natural daylight via skylights. The internal apartment staircase is staged as a spatial access element and ends on a roof terrace, which offers a wonderful view of the central Swiss Pre-Alps with the mighty mountains Rigi and Pilatus.

Obmatt Badezimmer 2

Obmatt 12a/ 12b, in 6043 Adligenswil, Switzerland

Planning/ construction

Builder/ client
Patrick Gmür

Spatial program
Two apartments

Patrick Gmür, Annette Helle (Helle architects, Zurich)

Project team
Nicolò Suzani (project management), Gabriela Steiner, Marta Sutko, Anna Rosa, Luciana Cometti, Zita Széplaki, Selin Schneider



Obmatt double single-family house, Adligenswil. Entrance level, floor plan.
Obmatt double single-family house, Adligenswil. Garden level with living hall, floor plan.
Obmatt double single-family house, Adligenswil. Living-room level, floor plan.
Obmatt Aussen Fassade
Obmatt Innen 6