2018, Aeschbachweg, Aarau

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Little Binz & Big Berta
Two houses, one residential and one commercial, in the Aeschbachquartier district, Aarau, Switzerland, 2012–2018

Everything had already been decided in terms of urban planning when we received two building plots, for each of which we planned a house. The Little Binz and the Big Berta. The first one, Little Binz, has an idiosyncratic, U-shaped form, resting on a continuous socle, which forms a courtyard open on two sides.


Due to the economic pressure, we used the arcade as the access system. It was double, directed towards each other and into the courtyard. But the arcade means more here: it is also the entrance and balcony of the adjacent apartments. This linear access enables a wide range of apartment types. From large, shared apartments (for communities) to sleeping cabins for singles, everything is included.

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Little Binz & Big Berta. Two houses, Aeschbachquartier, Aarau. Ground floor plan.
Little Binz & Big Berta. Two houses, Aeschbachquartier, Aarau. Upper floor plan, 2nd floor.
Little Binz & Big Berta. Two houses, Aeschbachquartier, Aarau. Section.

But let's not forget Big Berta at the corner of the area. She is having a lively discussion with the neighbouring high-rise building. The internal organization is completely dedicated to efficiency. The arrangement of seven apartments per floor promises an intensive spatial and social neighbourhood. The combination of small to medium-sized apartments guarantees a lively mix.

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Aeschbachweg 2, Buchserstrasse 9 / 11, in 5000 Aarau, Switzerland

Direct order, planning and execution 2012–2018

Builder/ client
Mobimo Management AG, Küsnacht (ZH)

Spatial program
Apartments on the upper floors, commercial premises on the ground floor

Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Sybille Besson (project management), Sabina Bogacz (deputy pm), Barbara Verbost, Michal Bzdziuch, Manca Starman, Michael Ursprung, Jan Zangerl, Peter Roesch

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