2018, Schweighof, Kriens, 1st prize

18 02 26 187 Aerni
KRS  v3
Willi Becher Bierglas 0 5 Liter 12er Set Bierglaeser Gastronomie v2

Stacked rowhouses
Schweighof development, Kriens, Switzerland, 2012–2018

We were lucky. The client and the experts of the prize committee finally fell in love with three houses that offered maximum spatial and typological diversity. The two detached houses ("dot houses") are equipped with vertically structured facades in order to visually stretch them upwards. The attic floor shows airspaces which, like the periscope of a submarine, reach up from the last full floor and capture zenithal light.

The rest of the attic floor is filled with interior patios. The lower apartments have a higher room height – as compensation.

In the longhouse we stack row houses in two plus two floors above each other. The lower package has garden access, the upper package has two-storey interiors and loggias. The house is accessed directly from the ground floor or via a pergola, which stimulates communication between the neighbourhoods.


Ubersichtsplan1 2000
Übersichtsplan Schweighof, Kriens
KRS Schnitte v4
Stacked rowhouses. Schweighof development, Kriens. Cross sections and longitudinal section.
KRS Grundrisse v3
Stacked rowhouses. Schweighof development, Kriens. Upper floors: 2nd, 3d and 4th floor plans.
KRS Attika v3
Stacked rowhouses. Schweighof development, Kriens. Attic floor plans. Cross section with attic.
18 05 24 156 Aerni v3
18 02 26 062 Aerni
18 05 24 071 Aerni
18 02 26 068 Aerni v2
18 02 26 074 Aerni v2
18 02 26 153 Aerni v2

Schweighofplatz 3, Schweighofstrasse 8-12, Schweighofweg 14, in 6010 Kriens, Switzerland

Study contract 2012, planning and execution 2013–2018

Builder/ client
SUVA, Lucerne

Spatial program
133 apartments, common room

Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Susan Held (project management), Laura Bissegger (deputy pm), Roman Birrer, Michal Bzdziuch, Gabriel Gmür, Safia Hachemi, Sabina Kickhofel, Manca Starman, Jan Zangerl, Jing Zhao, Annick Zucchetti, Peter Roesch