2023, Tiny House, Zollikerberg, 1st prize

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The Tiny House, Zollikerberg, Switzerland, 2019–2023


How do you create generosity with just a little space? What an interesting and future-oriented question. The economy of space clearly plays a central role. But we also pay special attention to the design of the access to the apartments, to the quality of the individual and collective exterior spaces, to the orientation, to the shape of the rooms and to the proximity to the neighbours.

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Four houses with 39 apartments are being built here, some with a patio, some with a directly accessible multi-purpose room in the basement and some with two floors. The materiality is reduced - metal and wooden panels, brick, exposed concrete – it is meant to become a house made of many houses.

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Tiny House, Zollikerberg, 1st prize. Ground floor plan.

Forchstrasse, Zollikerberg, Switzerland

Study contract, 1st prize 2019
Planning and execution 2020–2023

Builder/ client
moyreal immobilien ag

Spatial program
39 apartments, car park (garage)

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Jakob Steib, Michael Geschwentner, Patrick Gmür, Matthias Kyburz

Project team
Natalie Bachmann, Paola Falconi, Simone Liner

Competition team
Natalie Bachmann, Valton Rexha

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