2020, Brüderhofweg, Zurich, 1st prize

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Ortho Bruederhof

The big brothers.
Residential development (substitute buildings) at Brüderhofweg, Zurich, Switzerland, 2012-2020

Our research into „thick“ houses with a maximum number of apartments per storey had started with the Bombach residential development in Zurich Höngg – and has now reached a further highlight on Brüderhofweg. This is not only about optimising the access concept, but also about carefully designing the open space – which has a decisive influence on the urban identity and the quality of living.

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Brüderhofweg residential development, Zurich. Standard floor plan of the entire situation.

The compact houses have a special talent. They allow – despite full use of the site – a moderate building height and maximum development of the open space. And that is precisely the point: The layout of the open spaces brings the buildings into a close relationship with their surroundings and conceals the fact that the densification of of this new housing estate introduces a new building scale.

The rest is just sophisticated craftsmanship in the handling of the floor plans, which are arranged like a jigsaw puzzle and thus create a finely articulated structure of the large volumes.

And what does the neighbourhood gain from this? So much! In addition to affordable living space, the following will be built: apartments suitable for the elderly, a restaurant, a multi-purpose hall and a crèche. Hidden in the thicket of the garden, a group of small studio houses (ateliers) completes the picture. Enjoy life to the full!



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Brüderhofweg residential development, Zurich. Standard floor plan, Brüderhofweg no. 6 – no. 36.
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Brüderhofweg residential development, Zurich. Standard floor plan, Anna-Heer-Strasse no. 2 – no. 4.
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Brüderhofweg residential development, Zurich. Standard floor plan, Brüderhofweg no. 5 – no. 17.
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Brüderhofweg residential development, Zurich. Furnished standard floor plan, Brüderhofweg no. 6 – no. 36.
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Brüderhofweg residential development, Zurich. Longitudinal section, Brüderhofweg no. 5 – no. 17.
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Brüderhofweg 5–10, 13–20, 26–45 / Anna-Heer-Strasse 2–4, in 8046 Zurich, Switzerland

Start of planning 2012, implementation 2016–2018 (1st stage), 2018–2020 (2nd stage)

Client/ owner
Baugenossenschaft Frohheim building cooperative, Zurich

Room program
288 apartments, a restaurant, multi-purpose hall, children's day care centre, common rooms, studios (ateliers)

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Jakob Steib, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Michael Geschwentner, Jakob Steib, Matthias Kyburz (project management), Sandro Schmid (deputy project management)

Fiona Endres, Cristiano Ferreira, Kate Gannon, Christina Hamminger, Natalia Irrazustabarrena Otegui, Michèle Säuberli

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