2020, Greencity, Zurich, 1st prize

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Housing in a 2000-watt district
Greencity residential building, Zurich, Switzerland, 2017–2020

Roger Diener's urban development plan, the basis for the new Greencity district, called for a sequence of residential courtyards facing the open space and forming a united front at the square edge. Two courtyards were still unsolved. After a study, our solution caused amusing irritation to the client: We far exceeded the expected efficiency of the access system!

Manegg Diener
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Greencity, competition, ground floor plan

A dense cluster of interlocking floor plans responds to the demand for a contemporary form of living with an "inner urbanism" that celebrates a diverse neighbourhood. In the end, the finalized project appears a little more relaxed – without losing the basic idea.


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Greencity, competition. Standard floor plan with the pergola access typology and with a system of stacked two-storey kitchens.
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Greencity, competition. Standard floor plan with the pergola access typology and with a system of stacked two-storey kitchens.

Our proposition for the northern courtyard, which in the end was won and carried out by the architect Peter Märkli, challenged the client. We explored the potential of the pergola by combining this type of access with a system of stacked two-storey kitchens. Why did this idea not succeed? "Too daring for this place" was the short answer. All right, we'll continue to keep the ball rolling...

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Greencity, competition. Apartment mix.
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During the construction of the southern courtyard we racked our brains over the urban and architectural relationship to Peter Märkli's neighbouring house. Stimulating discussions led us to an architectural language that communicates with this house and combines the architecture of both houses. The strong vertical structure of our façade reacts to the horizontal basic order of the neighbour's balconies. The matching mineral materials and colours of both houses are individually enriched with wood.

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Greencity residential building. Ground floor plan.
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Greencity residential building. Standard floor plan.
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Butzenstrasse 130, Maneggstrasse 91–97, Tuchmacherstrasse 76, 8041 Zurich, Switzerland

Start of planning 2012, implementation 2017–2019 (condominiums), 2017–2020 (rented apartments)

Owner/ client

Losinger Marazzi AG, Zurich
Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) plc

Spatial program
118 condominiums and rented apartments, commercial space

Jakob Steib, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Michael Geschwentner, Jakob Steib, Alejandra García Sahelices (project management), Nicolò Suzani

Matthias Kyburz, Gabriela Weber, Giovanni Girotto, Timo Meyer, Valeria Tosa, Sabrine Joye, Daiana Camastra