2023, Alte Landstrasse, Kloten

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Nine are enough, Kloten, Switzerland, 2019–2023

The housing estates built in the last millennium are slowly getting old. Changes in society, energy requirements, earthquake safety or the suitability for disabled people require new buildings to replace existing ones. For economic reasons, too.

Three structures take advantage of the opportunity to redevelop the large site. They are developed from the characteristic conditions of the site and its topography.



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Residential development, Kloten, Switzerland, 2019–2023. Ground floor plan, entrance level.
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Wohnüberbauung Kloten, 2019–2023. Grundriss Regelgeschoss
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Green space surrounds the buildings. They are fitted lengthwise into the southern slope, which in turn react with their differentiated building heights to the neighbouring residential buildings. The characteristic feature of the houses, however, is the organisation of the complex and interwoven apartment layouts. With one staircase and one spatially interesting development figure, nine apartments of different sizes are accessed per floor and house. Various circulation options and oversized balconies characterize these.

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Residential development, Kloten, Switzerland, 2019–2023. Standard floor plan – furnished apartments.
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Alte Landstrasse, Kloten, Switzerland

Direct mandate

Planning, execution

Owner, client
UBS Fund Management plc, Basel, Switzerland

Spatial program
108 apartments


Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner

Susan Held (project management, member of the executive board), Domenico Desumma, Giani Mori Pardini

Elena Helmreich, Veronika Karl, Jing Zhao

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