2011, Alte Landstrasse, Kilchberg

KIL 01
Ortho AlteLandstr Kilchberg

Alte Landstrasse residential development, Kilchberg, 2007–2011

The steep topography and a unique view of Lake Zurich and the Alps characterise this property. The eastward sloping site also benefits from the adjacent plateau, which allows better sunlight from the west. These factors create the basis for a site with a high residential quality.


The general conditions of building regulations with the stipulation of view protection and maximum excavation made it impossible to fully utilise the permitted building height. The type of house developed responds to these conditions and allows the permissible building volume to be optimally exploited through an unconventional sectional solution.

Each of the four residential units benefits from this sectional situation and features exciting compositions in their spatial sequence and light distribution. The stepped building silhouette and the bronze-coloured aluminium panels of the façade help to ensure that the buildings are harmoniously embedded into their verdant surroundings.

KIL 09.7 Schnitt
Alte Landstrasse housing development, Kilchberg, section
KIL 09.8 Schnitt
Alte Landstrasse housing development, Kilchberg, section
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KIL 03
KIL 04
KIL 09.3
Alte Landstrasse Housing development, Kilchberg, site plan
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KIL 06
KIL 09.4 Erdgeschoss
Alte Landstrasse housing development, Kilchberg, ground floor plan
KIL 09.5 1OG
Alte Landstrasse housing development, Kilchberg, 1st upper floor plan
KIL 09.6 Attika
Alte Landstrasse housing development, Kilchberg, attic level 
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214–218 Alte Landstrasse, Kilchberg

Commission type
Direct commission 2007, building application 2008, realisation 2009–2011

Private, represented by MS Bautreuhand AG

Spatial programme
3 apartment buildings and an annex with 13 apartments and 3 separate rooms

Jakob Steib

Project team
Hanspeter Wyss, Matthias Kyburz, Monika Walther, Luzius Hitz, Alain Büchel

Roger Frei

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KIL 09.2