2021, Büelhalden, Oberrieden, 1. Preis

BHD 01
Ortho Oberrieden

Büelhalden residential development, Oberrieden

Following the morphological traces of the settlement to the east and north, three elongated buildings are gently embedded in the sloping hillside in such a way that, thanks to their compact contours, they respect the finely modulated slope, the harmonious connection to the street and the transparency typical of the neighbourhood.


BHD 03

The new houses are of different sizes and vary deliberately in their basic form. The open spaces are no longer self-contained, but are interconnected and open up towards the lake, which not only strengthens the transparency in their depth, but also significantly upgrades the apartments in terms of orientation.

BHD 04
Büelhalden residential development, floor plan

The individual apartments are accessed via five staircases, each with several flights of stairs. Each unit has a usable entrance, which is integrated into the internal layout and separates the living area from the bedrooms. The staggered arrangement makes it possible for each apartment to be oriented in a few directions and, in most cases, to have a view of the lake.

The kitchen has an open-play design and is set back slightly from the façade and is the focal point of the floor plan, situated at the interface between the entrance and living areas. A total of 48 flats and one communal room will be built.

BHD 07
BHD 06 Kopie
Büelhalden residential development, elevation

Alte Landstrasse 66/68, Oberrieden

Commission type
Study in collaboration with horisbergerwagen architekten gmbh 2016, 1st prize, realisation 2020-211

Baugenossenschaft Zurlinden, Zurich-Albisrieden

Spatial programme
3 houses, a total of 48 apartments and 1 communal room


Jakob Steib, Mario Wagen

Project team SGGK
Barbara Campolongo, Madleina Fischer, Sandrine Grossenbacher

Project team horisbergerwagen architekten gmbh
Marius Näf, Gil Rothmayr, Rita Vale

BHD 02