2024, Fensterfabrik Albisrieden, workshop and office

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Workshop and office extension, Fensterfabrik Albisrieden

The Albisrieden window factory has been located on the building site since 1935. The outsourcing of window production has made it possible to reorganise the site.

The new workshop building is the first stage of the project. The new workshop hall runs parallel to the access road — which provides access to the entire site from Letzigraben — and then curves away at the transition to the existing building.

An overhanging canopy along the south façade is used for deliveries and to structure the outdoor spaces. Together with the five-storey residential building (2nd stage), the new workshop building creates a communal courtyard. The plinth serves as a connecting element between the new buildings. 

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The hall on the ground floor, constructed in timber, is spanned without supports. A monopitch roof extends over the offices on the first floor and becomes a flat roof towards the north. The exaggerated roof shape is typologically reminiscent of industrial buildings and gives the new workshop building a characteristic appearance as a gateway to the site. The roof surface to the south is clad with PV panels.

The new workshop building will house service and planning work as well as apprentice training. The ground floor of the existing building will continue to be used for FFA work, while the upper floors will house an apartment.



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Fensterfabrik Büro und Werkstatt, Obergeschoss
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Fensterfabrik Büro und Werkstatt, Erdgeschoss
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Conversion and extension of Fensterfabrik Albisrieden, office and workshop

15 Fellenbergweg/174 Letzigraben, 8047 Zurich

Commission type
Direct commission
Planning and realisation 2020–2023

Immo Albisrieden AG

Workshop, offices, meeting room, recreation room, prototype room 

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Jakob Steib, Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner, Matthias Kyburz

Project team
Claudia Häfeli, Marc Paessens, Nico Brunschweiler, Meltem Gözde Simsek