2021, Heuwinkel, Allschwil, 1st Prize

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Ortho Allschwil

Heuwinkel residential development, Allschwil 2016–2021

Two new buildings with the largest photovoltaic façades on residential buildings in Switzerland are being built in a residential neighbourhood with buildings typical of the 1950s.

The placement and form of the buildings create a public square along Heuwinkelstrasse and across Pappelstrasse, which can be used by both the residents and the surrounding neighbourhood and invites people to linger under the trees, where there are fountains and benches.

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Heu f JM A3 N2102 5944

At the same time, the square is the clear focus of the new buildings, as the three building entrances are directly accessible from the square and open up the total of 65 apartments and three single rooms.

A passageway on the ground floor past the communal room leads to the private outdoor space for the residents of the estate with play, recreation areas and planting.

Erdgeschoss Umgebung
Ground level floor plan
Grundriss Regelgeschoss
Floor plan standard floor
Grundriss Attika v3
Ground plan attic floor
Heu f JM A3 N2102 5796
Heu f JM A3 N2102 5763
Material Allschwil
Heu f JM A3 N2102 5851
Oberlicht 2282
Heu f JM A3 N2102 Z0200
Solar 2646 1

15/17 Heuwinkelstrasse, 44 Pappelstrasse, Allschwil

Competition 2015, 1st Prize 
Planning and realisation 2016–2021

Graphis Bau- und Wohngenossenschaft, Bern 

Spatial programme
65 apartments, 3 single rooms and 1 communal room

Jakob Steib, Matthias Kyburz

Project team
Andrea Jeger (Project management), Silvia Burgermeister

echt 3d gmbh

Johannes Marburg