1995, Hinterfeld, Zwingen

Zwi 02 v2
Hinterfeld Ortho2 v2

Hinterfeld apartment building, Zwingen, 1993–1995

Hinterfeld lies on the Birse Plain and is surrounded by historic workers' houses from the Zwingen paper mill. The surrounding hills offer recreational terrain. Despite this attractive situation, a rental apartment in Zwingen has considerably more to offer than in the city or a larger municipality.

On the basis of an overall plan resulting from a competition (Michael Alder, Basel), the assignment was to design a simple, elongated structure as a rental apartment building.


The volume of the triple-storey building is broken up and structured. In this way, all 15 apartments are afforded private outdoor space as an extended living zone. This gives a new form to "living in the suburbs", neither urban nor rural.

The materials used in the exterior are clinker brick (for the north façade in binder-runner bond) and red cedar wood (for the south façade).


Zwingen GR EG frei
Ground floor plan
Zwingen GR 1OG frei v2
1st upper floor plan
Zwingen GR 2OG frei
2nd upper floor plan 
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Zwi 01

1–9 August-Cueni-Strasse, Zwingen (BL)

Direct commission, 1993–1995

Max Scherrer AG, W. and K. Steib

Project team
Jakob Steib, Barbara Neff

Zwingen Modell