2021, Kleeweidstrasse, Zurich, 1. Preis

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Kleeweidstrasse residential development, Zurich-Leimbach, 2013-2021

The district of Leimbach is located in the south of Zurich, in the Sihl Valley. The neighbourhood where the site is located lies between two green corridors that extend from the Üetliberg down into the valley. Four residential buildings are being built on this site, nestling closely into the topography.

Instead of building across the slope, as other competition entries suggested, we consistently follow the topography with our buildings. This, in order to preserve the natural contours of the terrain despite the considerable densification.

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The arrangement of the buildings creates a generous open space that connects the development with the neighbourhood. It opens up to the south and creates a green environment for the four houses; to the north, on the other hand, it narrows, allowing all the apartments to share the unique location in the countryside.

The undulating façades set the buildings visually in motion. At the same time, they break up the length of the large volumes. The projecting roof rests on wall panels and supports the attic volumes, which are presented like porcelain crockery on a tray. The earth-coloured mineral plaster blends in with the terrain, while the white-painted attic floors create a Mediterranean atmosphere.


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The floor plans follow a simple, but effective spatial principle. At the ends of the building, the apartments benefit from the corner location and the varied views into the open spaces. In between, the floor plans are planned on a three-span layout.

The elongated flats have a staggered floor plan arrangement that structures the living space and emphasises the diagonal. The shady centre of the living spaces becomes a secure retreat – only the fireplace is missing from the programme brief.

KLE Regelgeschoss
Standard floor plan
KLE Schnitt
Kleeweid H1
Rendering of the stairway, House 1
Kleeweid H3
Rendering of the stairwell, House 3
Kleeweid IMG 4051
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KLE Wohnung3 frei
Floor plan: 3.5-room apartment 
KLE Wohnung4 frei
Floor plan: 4.5-room apartment
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Maneggpromenade 140, 142, 144, 148, 150, 152, 154, 156
Kleeweidstrasse 40, 41, 42, 43, 45
8041 Zurich-Leimbach

Study commission 2013–2014, 1st Prize 
Realisation 2019–2021

Zürich Lebens- Versicherungsgesellschaft AG
and Zürich Anlagestiftung, represented by Zurich Invest AG

Spatial programme
129 apartments and 1 communal room

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Jakob Steib, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Valton Rexha (Project management), Barbara Campolongo, Carlos Craveiro, Gabriela Weber, Sabrina Joye, Gianmarco Maina, Thomas Möckel, Caroline Schartz, Valeria Tosa

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