2014, Meisenrain, Gockhausen

GO 02
Ortho Meisenrain

Studio houses Meisenrain, Gockhausen, 2011–2014

Meisenrain neighbourhood is located north of the municipality of Gockhausen and is characterised by residential buildings from the 1950s and 1960s, some of very high quality.

In this interesting environment, the existing studio buildings on the Meisenrain site were to be converted or replaced by new buildings. The continuation of the studio concept with the use for living and working was the main focus of the development.

GO Situation
Context, Meisenrain

The concept envisages that the individual units are each accessed through private, enclosed gardens, either directly from the surrounding outdoor space or – as on the upper floors – via an external access ramp. The private front gardens are developed not only as access courtyards, but also as flowing transitions between the exterior and interior spaces.

The residential studios can be modularly combined into larger units according to requirements and needs.


GO Schnitt
Section, Meisenrain
GO 09.1
GO 05
GO 03 v2
GO Haus1+2 EG
Buildings 1 + 2, Ground floor plan
GO Haus1+2 OG
Buildings 1 + 2, Plan upper floor
GO 04
GO 06 v2
GO Haus3 Grundriss2
Building 3, Ground floor plan
GO Haus3 Grundriss1
Building 3, Upper floor plan 
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GO 01

Studio houses Meisenrain, Gockhausen

Binzenstrasse/Nussbaumstrasse, Gockhausen

Commission type
Direct commission 2011, planning application 2011, realisation 2012–2014

SENN BPM AG, St. Gallen

Spatial programme
29 residential studios

Jakob Steib

Project team
Maya Gunz (project management), Andrea Jeger

Pit Brunner

Senn IMG 1501
Senn entwickelt – Themenheft von Hochparterre, 2020.