2019, Niederholz, Riehen, 1st Prize

M40 3106
Ortho Niederholz

Niederholz commercial development, building site A, Riehen, 2015-2019

The site of the commercial development is divided into two building sites: A commercial building is planned for building site A, which has the flexibility for various uses and a residential building is planned for site B.

The commercial building and the residential building will be accessed via the common courtyard area. Their access cores form a counterpart with a clear address, which supports the communicative relationship between the two buildings and the use of the space between them.

After completion of the preliminary project for both building sites, we continued to work on and realise the commercial building.



M40 3038 Kopie

A generous square is created towards the public space, which is spatially defined by the continuation of the avenue of trees. The building is oriented towards this space with its representative display façade, which makes the public uses on the ground floor clear.

The ground floor is spatially set back towards the square and creates a natural transition from the outside to the inside.



IMG 4225 v2

The representative expression of the building is achieved by a prefabricated concrete façade, which appears as a sculptural relief with horizontal and vertical elements.

Towards the square, the façade is formulated as a showcase façade with a wide grid; it has a narrower grid spacing towards the side and towards the courtyard.


180202 Betonelemente
Prefabricated concrete elements
M40 3118 v2
M40 3103
M40 3050

84 Gotenstrasse, Riehen

Commission type 
Study commission 2015, 1st Prize 
Planning and realisation 2016–2019

St. Clara Stiftung, Basel

Office and commercial (basic fit-out, without tenant fittings)


Jakob Steib, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Natalie Bachmann, Simone Liner