2023, Sandacker, Zurich, 1st prize

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How can full utilisation and at the same time a strong architectural and spatial identity be achieved in the smallest space? The trick, paradoxically, is to do without a full storey and thus the maximum horizontal expansion of the building volume and allow three flats per storey.

 Site plan, Sandacker, Zurich
15 Front Zoom

The entrances to the two different volumes are directly opposite each other and form a spatial and social proximity. Two houses become one address with a strong identity. In addition to the coloured plastered exterior wall surfaces, we use, for example, oversized roof eaves, externally mounted sunblind boxes and perforated metal cladding to emphasise the architectural affinity.

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The client attaches great importance to well-furnished floor plan typologies and a handcrafted architecture that is durable and sustainable.

Thus, private and communal spaces are consistently separated and the entrances, as extensions of the rooms, offer space for the needs of the large and small residents. The living area is divided by the semi-open kitchen and benefits from the inviting outdoor area.

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Fensterausblick sandacker H15
Standard floor plan, north building 
Fensterausblick sandacker H14
Standard floor plan, south building 
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Sandacker, Zurich, Switzerland, 1st prize. Sections
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Publikation Umgebungsplan Layout v2

Sandacker 14, 15, 8052 Zurich, Switzerland

Honorary submission with project idea 2018, planning and execution from 2019 onwards

Habitat 8000 AG

Spatial programme
24 apartments with garage

Patrick Gmür, Jakob Steib, Michael Geschwentner

Project design team
Matthias Kyburz (project management), Eldina Husic, Anastasia König, Nils Knodel, Nico Brunschweiler

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