2018, Site D, Arbon

Arbon Giesserei 6779
Ortho Arbon

Saurer WerkZwei, Site D, Arbon 2015–2018

The comparatively narrow building  site D at the Saurer WerkZwei in Arbonand, located next to the park, calls for a carefully coordinated building typology. The building form with six bays proves to be the more effective structure for well-oriented units compared to the block edge. The building occupies the entire area of the site and, with its plinth, four full storeys and attic level, makes a clear statement.


Access is via Giessereistrasse in the south. Two entrance portals with open halls connect two courtyards, which offer impressive views in a north-south direction. From there, the two access courtyards lead to two staircases each, which provide access to 4-5 apartments on each full floor as well as 2 apartments in the attic. The 75 rental apartments of the Baufreunde cooperative all have large, well-oriented balconies.

The exterior appearance of the building is defined by a clear light-dark contrast that differentiates the façade into two sculptural levels. Just as in the interior, the high-level ribbon windows are also a defining design element on the metal façade.

Ground floor plan
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GRU Regelgeschoss FM
Standard floor plan
GRU Attika FM
Floor plan attic level
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18.060.SG.frei 480892
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Housing development Saurer WerkZwei, Site D, Arbon

16–22 Giessereistrasse 

Commission type
Feasibility study, planning and execution 2015–2018

Cooperative Baufreunde, Zurich

Spatial programme
129 apartments and 1 communal room

Jakob Steib, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Guy Strickner, Bojan Petrovic, Gabriela Weber, Felix Matschke, Ines Trenner, Miguel Guimaraes, Sergio Suarez, Katharina Janz

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