Following his studies at ETH Zurich and after an intensive time of apprenticeship with Ernst Gisel, Patrick Gmür and Regula Lüscher founded the Gmür Lüscher Gmür architectural office in 1989. Besides: Teaching at ETH Zurich and travelling the world.

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When Regula Lüscher left the office in 1998 to become Deputy Director of the Zurich Urban Planning Department and later Senate Building Director of Berlin, Patrick Gmür continued to run the office. The young team of Patrick Gmür Architects successfully creates the basis for today's office. Michael Geschwentner has already become a precious colleague and good friend.

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Also over thirty years ago, Jakob Steib, born in Basel as the son of architects, founded his office in Zurich. His work draws on a wide variety of sources. Since the early 1990s, he has constantly condensed and refined his continuous study of housing. At the same time, he worked as a Graduate Diploma Assistant at the ETH in Zurich. Later, he is Professor of Design and Construction at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Winterthur, Switzerland.

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One of the first employees – young and talented – in Jakob Steib's architectural office is Matthias Kyburz. Since 2005 he has actively contributed to the success of the office and will be appointed a member of the management board in 2013.

Jakob und Patrick

Jakob Steib and Patrick Gmür are friends, closely connected by their constant research into residential culture and suitably innovative floor plans. Together they founded the Laboratory for Housing Culture – Gmür & Steib architects plc – in 2001. At the same time Patrick Gmür teaches as a lecturer and later as professor and director of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences of North-Western Switzerland.


The partnership with Jakob Steib quickly bears fruit. The brand new office wins the competition on Paul Clairmont street in Zurich and begins to build this much-regarded cooperative residential building.

Michael Portrait

In 2005, the personal and architectural friendship with Michael Geschwentner led to an office partnership.

Fassade James

Milestones such as the James development or the Hard Turm Park high-rise building in Zurich have emerged from this collaboration.

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Knowing that the office is in the best hands with Michael Geschwentner, Patrick Gmür sets off for new shores in 2009. He accepts the position offered to him as director of the Urban Planning Department of the City of Zurich – where he will shape the urban development, among other things.

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Meanwhile Michael Geschwentner wins one architectural competition after the other, the office expands and grows; another branch office is founded together with Jakob Steib.

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Once been an architect, you'll stay it forever. Patrick Gmür comes back in 2016. During his work at the City Department, he has acquired technical, but also political expertise – which complements the almost thirty years of experience in housing construction. Accordingly, a new office name is chosen: Gmür & Geschwentner architects + urban planners plc.

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And the saga continues – according to the motto "One for all and all for one". Gmür & Geschwentner architects + urban planners plc, Steib & Geschwentner architects plc and Jakob Steib architects plc combine their skills & love of architecture and unite – to form Steib Gmür Geschwentner Kyburz partners plc on 1 January 2020.

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Nach über 35 Jahren Entwurfs- und Ausführungstätigkeit zieht sich Jakob Steib Ende 2023 aus dem Büro zurück. Und entwirft ab sofort nur noch Pläne für sich selber.