Steib Gmür Geschwentner Kyburz partners plc
architects + urban planners
Flüelastrasse 31a, 8047 Zurich
Wettingerwies 2a, 8032 Zurich

About this website

Responsibility for content
Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner, Corinne Gasal

Project management
Corinne Gasal, Jürg Schönenberger

Concept and design
Aline Ozkan, HELLO Design, Zurich, Switzerland

Roman Schmid, BUMMZACK, Biel, Switzerland

Georg Aerni, Zurich, Switzerland
Roger Frei, Zurich, Switzerland
Beat Schweizer, Berne, Switzerland
Menga von Sprecher, Maienfeld, Switzerland

Marc Schwarz & Marcel Schwarz, Zurich, Switzerland

Film music
The Weyers, Zurich, Switzerland

Special thanks to
Eldina Husic, Mario Scheinecker, all teams

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