2019, Stelzen, Meilen, 1st prize

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Two residential houses.
Stelzen, Meilen, Switzerland, 2019–2022, 1st prize

The two apartment houses enclose a common inner courtyard. But it is not hermetically sealed – on the contrary, it opens towards the church square. We encourage this spatial dialogue with a public use of the ground floor: we place commercial premises in the base of the large house.

Only one staircase per house opens up all the apartments! This meeting zone promotes contacts within the residents. A radical access idea that also generates a variety of apartments. Everything is included: from the patio apartment with the character of a single-family row house to the compact 2.5-room apartment.

Economically beneficial, too: the solid construction. This is why we chose a wood cladding for the façades – it will lend the houses a cosy character.


Meilen Modell 500
Ebene 0 Stelzenstrassengeschoss
Grundriss Ebene 0 (Stelzenstrasse)
Ebene 1 Hofgeschoss
Grundriss Ebene 1 (Hofgeschoss)
Ebene 2 Bruechstrassegeschoss
Grundriss Ebene 2 (Bruechstrasse)
Ebene 4
Grundriss Ebene 4
Meilen Modell3
Meilen W1
2.5-Zimmer-Wohnung, Attika
Storbild Strandhaus
Meilen W2
Meilen W3
3.5-Zimmer-Wohnung mit ebenerdigem, direktem Zugang
Meilen W4
2.5-Zimmer-Wohnung mit ebenerdigem, direktem Zugang
Meilen 7702
Meilen 7707

Stelzenstrasse, 8706 Meilen, Switzerland

Study contract, 1st prize

Planning/ construction

Builder/ client
Gewomag, Gemeinnützige Wohnbau Meilen AG – non-profit housing

Spatial program
30 apartments

Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner


Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner

Caroline Schartz, Marc Paessens, Viktoria Kelderer

Nicolò Suzani, Laura Stock, Gonzalo Lozano Arce, Lorella Civale

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