2023, Two towers for Aarau, request for further processing

Gesamtansicht Ost v2
Two towers for Aarau. Eastern façades.
Ortho v7

Inside the residential tower – and yet a community. One stadium and four high-rise buildings, Aarau, Switzerland

The urban DNA comes from our kitchen. Four high-rise residential buildings are to flank the new FC Aarau (soccer club) stadium. A multiform open space structure organises the public ground floor level and links the area to the urban synapses of the surroundings. The ensemble is located on a former industrial site near the railway track area and borders directly on a residential zone.

181127 Gesamtansicht West v2
Two towers for Aarau. Western façades.
Langsschnitt   Layout v4
Two towers for Aarau. Longitudinal section.

The towers B and C, designed by us, have a special room program. Both towers contain compact 1.5- to 4.5-room apartments which, together with communal facilities such as ateliers, laundry rooms, terraces and a grandstand for the soccer fans, form a lively neighbourhood among the residents.

Tower B will also be docked by a socle structure with a saddled hotel. The basement contains a large retailer, while the ground floor offers commercial premises.


Two towers for Aarau. Ground floor plan.
181127 Grundriss Regelgeschoss page 1 v3
Two towers for Aarau. Standard floor plan.
Turm B Detaillschnitt 1 20
Two towers for Aarau. Detail of the façade, house B.
Turm C Detailschnitt 1 20 v2
Two towers for Aarau. Detail of the façade, house C.