2020, Neuenhof, 1st Prize

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Eich-Birken-Lagerstrasse residential development, Neuenhof (2020–2023)

How can a higher density be integrated into an existing development? These five buildings are exemplary: Although their footprint exceeds the usual dimensions of the neighbourhood, their heights are deliberately varied within acceptable limits depending on their location and orientation to the surroundings. In concrete terms, the number of storeys is reduced compared to the single-family houses and then rises again towards the north.

In terms of expression, proximity to the neighbours is also sought and, for once, light sloped roofs are used in various configurations.

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Standard floor plan

Despite the small space requirements, all the apartments have a spaciousness that is expressed through views and room proportions.

A special feature in each case is the above-average size of the kitchenette, which is always positioned in such a way that it can be used as a niche in the living space in several ways: As a room for a separate workplace or as a small library. In many cases, it is possible to fit a window in the recess so that it can almost be used as an additional room.

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The new residential buildings are to produce a large portion of their electricity requirements via a photovoltaic system. All lateral façades and those facing away from the living area are to be clad with photovoltaic panels for this purpose.

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Eich-Birken-Lagerstrasse, Neuenhof

Study competition 2020, 1st Prize
Planning and realisation 2020–

Logis Suisse AG

Spatial programme
112 apartments and 1 communal room

Jakob Steib, Matthias Kyburz

Project team
Simone Liner, Carlos Craveiro

Project team competition
Carlos Craveiro, Madleina Fischer, Andrea Jeger, Valton Rexha, Silvia Burgermeister

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