2025, Langgrüthof, Zurich-Albisrieden

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Langgrüthof Albisrieden – More city for the city

The site of the historic Albisrieden window factory is being reorganised with two precisely placed buildings and configured in a way that is compatible with the neighbourhood.

In the future, the site will be used for both working and living. To this end, the existing building, which is already used for manufacturing, will be extended with a hall and additional office space. A spacious workshop will be created together with the existing office and commercial building at the intersection of Letzigraben and Langgrütstrasse.


A new residential building follows the quiet Langgrütstrasse and, together with another GEWOBAG apartment building designed by our office, spans a quiet and verdant courtyard from which all 70 apartments benefit. With only two staircases and lifts, these are accessed extremely efficiently.

With its various floor plan types, the project offers a wide range of options for a mixed resident population. A multi-purpose room and "shared co-working spaces" complete the spatial programme.

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Ground floor plan: 1st phase, office and service hall window factory, 2nd phase, residential building Langgrütstrasse
Langgruthof Perspektive aktuell
Grundriss  1.OG Balkon Schraffur 1 500 neg
1st-level floor plan
Grundriss  2.OG Balkon Schraffur 1 500 neg
2nd-level floor plan 
Grundriss  3.OG Balkon Schraffur 1 500 neg
3rd-level floor plan
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Like living in a camper van
In a camper van, all the functions of an apartment are organised in the smallest possible area. There is a small kitchen, a sleeping area, a dining table and a tiny bathroom. This compactness fascinates us. Less space means lower rents. Two-thirds of the residents in Zurich live alone in their apartments. A 2½-room and a 1½-room apartment are accessed alternately via an arcade. These two flats form the two-floor plan typologies of the building. An entrance hall with a wardrobe leads to the kitchen and bathroom, which form a single unit and are also access areas. The kitchen is wide enough to accommodate a table for two.
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WohnungJ v3
Like living in your own house 
Situated on the upper floor, the floor plan makes use of the different floor heights given by the topography. This makes it possible to create a lofty living area, which further enhances the spatial qualities of the apartment, which is planned with all the comforts – such as two entrances, a dressing room, a bathroom with daylight and a fully-equipped kitchen. The outdoor areas, which are oriented in different directions, also enhance its appeal.
Apartment with balcony
Changing social conditions, combined with a more flexible working environments, lead to changed demands on living and thus apartments. Outdoor space is becoming ever more important and, along with the kitchen and bathroom, is often the reason for renting a flat. A continuous south-facing balcony with a view of Zurich's local mountain defines the floor plan. Large sliding windows connect this versatile outdoor area with the bedroom, the living/dining room and the kitchen.  
Doors make an apartment look larger
Diverse circulation options make a small flat appear spatially larger. In addition, a specific access room can be eliminated. The doors are in the correct place and make it possible to perceive the effective room depths of the floor plan. 

Langgrütstrasse 118, 8047 Zurich

Commission type
Direct commission, planning and realisation 2020–2024

Immo Albisrieden AG

Spatial programme
70 apartments, 1 co-working-space, 1 communal room

Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner

Project team
Florian Hoch, Claudia Häfeli, Marc Paessens, Hilke Horsthemke, Demian Haller

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