2024, Lutisbach, Oberägeri, 1st prize

Mobimo Visualisierungen Oberaegeri VP 016 V2
Ortho Lutisbach

Residential development Lutisbach Oberägeri, 2013–2024
Development in 2 stages

Following the morphological traces of settlement in the east, the steeply sloping hillside to the south is carefully dotted with 13 individual buildings. The existing route of the Lutisbachweg is largely preserved and becomes the organising element of the new development. The placement of the individual buildings follows the gentle gradient of the slope, so that its wave-like contours are reflected in a slightly shifting building configuration.


The broken up form of the building by means of three staggered interlocking volumes is not only the answer to building on a slope, it also reflects the granularity of the neighbouring buildings. In this way, the attic storey can be well integrated into the volumetric structure. Furthermore, its size offers space for two attic units per house.

In the first stage, three of the 13 houses have already been built. Intensive work is currently being undertaken on the planning of the other ten houses.

Mobimo Visualisierungen Oberaegeri VP 007
Grundriss Haus1 2OG neg
Lutisbach residential development, 1st phase, House 1, 2nd floor
Lutisbach residential development, 1st phase
Arbeitsmodell IMG 5005
Dachaufsicht4 13
 Lutisbach residential development, Site plan, 2nd phase (Buildings 4–13)
LUTM Grundriss Typ D Vollgeschoss neg
Lutisbach residential development, 2nd phase, 2nd full storey
LUTM  Querschnitt neg
Lutisbach residential development, 2nd phase

Lutisbach in 6315 Oberägeri

Commission type
Competition 2013,
Buildings 1–3: Realisation 2014–2018
Buildings 4–13: Realisation 2020–2024

Buildings 1–3: Swiss Life AG, Zurich
Buildings 4–13: Mobimo Management AG, Küsnacht

Spatial programme
Buildings 1–3: 30 owner-occupied apartments 
Buildings 4–13: 90 owner-occupied apartments 

Jakob Steib, Michael Geschwentner, Matthias Kyburz

Project team
Buildings 1–3: Isabel Bernhard (PL), Simone Liner (Stv. PL), Chiara Zunino, Timo Meyer, Barbara Compolongo, Gabriela Weber, Maya Gunz, Nathalie Bachmann
Buildings 4–13: Valton Rexha, Nicole Bucher, Fiona Endres, Aline Jean, Sandro Schmid, Andrea Jeger, Silvia Burgermeister

Lutisbach Modell