2025, Webergut, Zollikofen, 1st prize

211010 Webergut 01 Park 01 v2
01 Orthobild

Webergut, Zollikofen, 2020–2024
A stuffy federal administration building becomes an urban village!

A huge office building on the outskirts of Zollikofen near Bern has been vacant for years, waiting to be brought back to life with innovative and affordable ideas. Our extensive experience in residential construction helps us to design specific units for these spacious and deep floor plans. The building is further enhanced with communal uses and with the option to also work there.


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It is precisely in this diversity of use that we see the gap and opportunity. A space that penetrates the entire height of the building becomes the community centre. With this "village square", the different access spaces and the diverse units in varying sizes, something like an urban village has been created.

02 Grundriss Situation v2
Floor plan and section, 1st floor, scale 1:200 – with access to public transport, front garden and entrance ramp. (Webergut, Zollikofen, Switzerland, 2020)
210427 WEB Vorprojekt
Standard floor plan, scale 1:100. (Webergut, Zollikofen, Switzerland, 2020)
WEB 31 200 Langsschnitt
WEB 31 201 Querschnitt
Skizze 6199
05 Grundriss Modell

5 Weberstrasse, 3052 Zollikofen, Switzerland

Study contract, 1st prize

Foundation Abendrot – The Sustainable Pension Fund, Basel

Spatial programme
Approx. 90 apartments, offices on the ground floor

Skelett 6251

Patrick Gmür, Michael Geschwentner

Project team execution
Ömer Acar, Giani Pardini, Livia Notarangelo, Dominik Ziswiler

Projekt team competition
Ricardo Dias, Giani Pardini, Caroline Schartz, Silvana Perner, Eva Gröbly-Prenci, Nico Brunschweiler, Nils Knodel

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