We have been dealing with high-rise buildings for more than 15 years. Our residential tower in the James residential development was the first of its kind in Zurich since the non-profit high-rise buildings Herdern (1976-1979) and Lochergut (1963-1966). The 80 metre high Hard Turm Park tower helped us to further deepen our experience. The construction task holds a huge design potential. In addition, the economic requirements must be combined with the potential for this type of building. What is the added value? What does it mean to live in a high-rise? The following buildings and designs testify to our constant research!

James Aerni 3000 v3
James high-rise building, Zurich, Switzerland.
Schnitt James v2

Designing and building a high-rise is one of the most demanding and challenging architectural tasks. In Switzerland, strict conditions apply in terms of urban planning and architecture – because of the height and appearance. The costs are higher than for standard buildings – due to the increased requirements for materials, fire prevention, earthquake protection and wind resistance. Of course, this type of building must also satisfy a holistic approach to sustainability. These complex requirements demand careful planning and open communication with all parties involved.

13 v2.063.GG.frei 4000PX
The tower of Hard Turm Park, BFC, Zurich, Switzerland.
3. Preis: Familie Koch und ihre Nachbarn. Wettbewerb Wohnhochhaus Koch-Areal B, Zürich 2019.
Explosionszeichnung 3er Pack 1pt
1 190627 Model Detail Einstein Zwiebel TITELBILD
Ein Wohnhochhaus, smart und kostengünstig. Studienauftrag Zwatt-Areal, Regensdorf
2 Axonometrie
3 Anischten Model ohne Angabe 1 v2
12 Bembers Brueder Aussenperspektive
1 Bembers Brueder Titelbild Schnitt
7 Bembers Brueder Grundriss Regelgeschoss1. 3.OG Kopie
PAR Querschnitt
Am Rietpark, Schlieren, Switzerland.
Am Rietpark Schlieren Grundrisse
STE Hochhaus Kontext
Seefassade v2
Steinach 50
TOR Modell
Gesamtansicht Ost v4
Turm B Querschnitt a a
Turm B Detaillschnitt 1 20 v2