Apartments we love (quote, Adi Kälin, NZZ, 10.6.20)
"Probably it would be better to design apartments just so that you would like to live in them yourself." (Adi Kälin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 10.06.2020) – That' s what we've been doing for 30 years!

Where's the missing link?

For thirty years we have been researching with enthusiasm and curiosity into different forms of living and innovative floor plans. We are always looking for the missing links. We find them like truffle pigs:

Two-story interiors or balconies. Room sequences that adapt to as many living situations as possible and allow for a variety of uses. Access rooms that mutate into common areas. A bathroom that suddenly becomes the favourite place of the whole apartment.

Floor plans are our true passion. They challenge us, they are the stimulus and driver of our creativity, they never let us rest.


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Haus 3, Wohnung 8
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Haus 2, Bio7
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Haus 3, Bio9
Haus 3, Bio10
Haus 3, Bio11
Haus 3, Bio12

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